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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

16 given to study, 6 given on exam, 5 marked, 10% each (50% in total Part A) Legitimation function - One of the functions of state - To stabilize / protect capitalism system - legitimizing through welfare - incorporating working class into system Aggregate demand - Keynesian regime - Goal was to increase it - Encouraging consumption - Through full employment, high & stable wages Thomas Hobbes - Sovereign - Self-interest and egoism - Human nature (selfish) Immiseration Making dehumanized workforce, reduction in wages and working conditions, Mexico is one of the countries who experience such conditions. Unemployment and underemployment affect half o the Mexican workforce. Those people who have jobs usually have to work in bad conditions for very low wages, they are called Immiserized. We can also see immieration in Westray, where workers experienced bad and unsafe working conditions which unfortunately resulted tragically killing 26 workers in 1992. Karl Marx, however, thought that such reduction in wages and working conditions are logically required by the nature or capitalist production. These workers are from the exploited working class of the capital accumulation, working in miserable conditions, and as Marx says with the wealthy getting wealthier, and as Rinehart explains; in alienating conditions at work place. Dominant Ideology Is an ideology that is revealed to our understandings through a screen of assumptions, beliefs, explanations, values, and unexamined knowledge. Dominant ideology provides references, the rules of thumb, the directives to the eyes and cars of its members. It is the glue that holds institutions together, the medium that allows members of the population to interact, predict events, understand their roles, perform adequately, and strive to achieve the kinds of goals most appropriate to the maintenance of any particular social organization. A dominant ideology that is useful, even socially necessary, does not make it true. There are some members of the population who are dissatisfied with these responses and who seek explanations that better satisfy their sense of truth. If one is aware, one can build some resistance towards it. This can make other ideologies less important. This ideology differs through tradition/modern societies, and conservatism and liberalism. If one is aware, one can build some resistance towards it, making other ideology less important. Make sure that that in power makes sure that others opinion is not taken into consideration. Dominant Ideology Individual ideas, perceptions, values, Influence of parents, schools, and media, shapes individuals wishes for future…….. Majority and in power=Dominant. Why is it dominant? STATE: Ideology and DOMAINT ideology. Holmberg’s Mistake Holmberg's Mistake is the recent realization that many of our assumptions about Native American life may be incorrect because most of our observations of their cultures were made while these peoples were under great pressure. When reading or examining historical content, it is important to look for evidence that may navigate your findings. Try to understand, rather than imposing. It’s all our perspective e understands within their context. It is important to look at all sides of a story. Westray Westray was a coal mine in Nova Scotia, Canada that was the site of a methane explosion. Westray operated for less than a year between September 3rd 1991 until May 9th 1992 when the explosion happened, which resulted in the deaths of 26 miners (11 of the 26 bodies were not found till this day) and shut down the facility for good. Westray was a mine known to be rich in coal, and also a mine with a rich history in accidents and death (194). The company in charge of the Westray development promised employees work for at least 15 years with no layoff and good pay. The significance of Westray was the abuse of the corporate form. The large business was shielded from the public gaze because of political connections, and amazing contract deals with their employees. Westray can be described as a predictable path to disaster. Many of the persons, entities, and management of Westray failed in the primary responsibilities regarding safety and sanitation. Many would question why the workers didn’t just leave; the answer to this is the promise of at least 15 years of work with better pay. At this time there were very little jobs in the mining industry or in any industry. Work was an important factor for their survival, and finding it was near to impossible. If found, then layoffs played a major role in the workforce. Westray on the other hand was aware of the following, and made their contracts the best thing that could have ever happened to these workers. Some of the workers whom were aware of the dangers knew the consequences, and were often quieted out by the threat of having them fired, which meant their survival was at stake for speaking the truth. Mythistory Defined as a story with some truth in its symbology, or history written with some myths. Myths are often defined as truths with some lies, because they often lack proof. Myths are stories written to entertain the youth with often get mixed with imagination and reality. McNeil talks about the need for history and Creative destruction Creative destruction is defined as destroying the old for the new, basically there is always something newer than the new. Since there are no economics in traditional societies, creative destruction produces wealth, goods and immoderation into these societies, bringing a sense of capital. Creative Destruction was a word created by Schumpeter, whom goes so far as to say that the "process of creative destruction is the essential fact about capitalism." He also says defines it as the displacement of one process or product by another. The significance of it is that the "new" or "creative" is always a better version of the old, and is always a more convenient part of the old. It lets people continue to want to buy more and more, therefore increasing capital and the economy. This process allows companies to grow and people to continue to consume. Creative destruction encourages the drive for change, or the social change. Classic al Liberalism Define: Society went a transformation during the 1970’s and new ideas started to be developed (liberalism). Liberalism is the belief in the importance of individual liberty and equal rights. The contemporary liberal (reformed liberal) goes from equality of right to equality of opportunity; there is more of a focus on equity than quality. They have strong beliefs that you receive achievement through education. Freedom is a positive quality ad freedom to develop ones whole potential and access means to help it (66). Significance: The free market is key to social development .The role of the government is to regulate the market-place and ensure that the rules are fair and equitable: government is not itself an economic actor in a truly “free” enterprise system. Class has little importance, so the government cannot be seen as the agent of any particular class. Moral economy Opposite: Market economy, Capitalism. MARKET: Profit, Greed, Demand and supply . MORAL: Justice, fair =makes sure that everyone has something. Generosity. Makes sure everyone is taken care of. Significance: unlike market economy, where only the fittest survive. Notion of public good. What kind of society we have. Moral Economy Define: A moral Economy can be defined as an economy that is based on fairness, goodness and justice. it is based on cultural beliefs combined with economic activates. The moral economy runs on a system where it makes sure everyone has something, it makes sure everyone is taken care of. It works best in. Significance: E.P. Thompson talks about the moral economy in his article “The Moral Economy of the English Crowd in the Eighteenth Century”. He emphasizes that we thrive on a market economy instead of a moral economy, where in a market economy everything is done to better ones own situation. moral economy - food riots Marilyn Waring Marilyn Waring is a feminist, politician and activist of women’s rights, she was the youngest female politician of New Zealand. Waring in recent years has devoted her time to making women’s work paid and unpaid as international human rights. The GDP only includes paid work, so women’s unpaid work was not included, which means they are included in social benefits, EI, pensions and etc. GDP is an indicator used to compare wealth of nations, but it doesn’t measure the quality of life, or is connected to peoples wellbeing (i.e. education, air quality, healthcare etc.). There is a division of poverty. The women whose unpaid work is not documented, means that they are irrelevant because they do not contribute to the nations GDP. Waring had discussed how a typical day of a women consists of more work than a mans, by this she means how a women is on the constant go taking care of her kids, cooking etc. Women are more active and are considered "economically unactive" when all do men do is just turn the key and that is "economically active." Honour Honour is the level of pride and respect a family, person or company has. We can differentiate between honour in traditional societies and honour in modern societies. In traditional societies honour differentiates between male and female. In modern society honour is based on ethics and also has a bit to do with prestige. In traditional society honour has to do with social regulations. For example in the readings of Campbell the Sarakatsan family, males have specific tasks which only they could do and same for females, and the tasks were not to be done by the opposite gender. In modern society honour is referred to prestige, and those who are of the prestigious kind have a great deal of respect. Honour keeps the society as being honest. Honour brings differences between the kinds of punishments the type of societies, and gender receives. The solidarity of the family depends on honour, and hostility between unrelated families. Honour is to remain
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