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Running head: A LOOK AT MODERN AND TRADITIONAL SOCIETY 1 ALook at Modern and Traditional Society Simmi Kaur Introduction to Social Science Tutorial #1 Lori Turner A LOOK AT MODERN AND TRADITIONAL SOCIETY 2 Society is ever-changing. Culture, technology, environment, population, all these things and more, they do not remain the same.Although, these changes are necessary in order to move forward in society. People have come a long way from traditional society. Today, they live in a modern society. The most important variations between traditional and modern society are the social ladder, mass consumption and family structure. In the following write-up, the two societies, traditional and modern, will be compared and contrasted.Although the traditional society with its stability has some attractions, modern society allows for creativity, individualism and a higher style of living and is preferable to most people. Innovation is crucial and new ideas are more than welcome in the modern society. In today’s society, cultural taste and lifestyle is an essential part of an individual’s life. What brands people wear, whether they are keeping up with the latest trends or not; these are all crucial in the modern day society. According to Bell (1996), “getting ahead is no longer a matter of rising up a social ladder like in the nineteenth century.” (p.67). The working, middle and upper class no longer determine where people stand in society. In traditional society, people were born with prescribed roles. Aperson who was born into the lower class stayed in the lower class and a person born in the higher class, stayed in the higher class. Nobody was open to new ideas; the old way was known as the one and only correct way. Ambition was not trusted or encouraged because it interrupted the social order. Traditional society was very stable; there was not much competition among the society members. People lived to survive and bought necessity items. They bought the goods they needed in order to survive. Now, there is a lot of competition in society over almost everything. Individuals always want to invest in items that are currently in style or are of high demand. Competition is everywhere and everyone wants to have the best and that is what allows people to move forward in society today because there is no stagnation. A LOOK AT MODERN AND TRADITIONAL SOCIETY 3 People want to move forward; they go from iphone 3G to an iphone 5S and that is how it works in society. No one wants to go backword from an iphone 5S to an iphone 3G. In traditional society, there was a lot of stagnation. People wanted to stay in their comfort zone. Creativity was not looked at. Being polite, submissive and respectful was a highly cherished concept in traditional society. Elders were known as the wise ones since they had more experience of life, and children were known as senseless. Children were not quite valued or given the love or care a child deserves, instead, they were forced to work (Thompson, 1991, p.367). Before the industrial revolution, children would help their families with household chores, such as, helping out in the farm, the kitchen, etc. The children would work just as much as the adults but they got introduced to the work gradually and they did get some time to play and relax. During the industrial revolution, things changed. Children were forced to work in factories. They worked all day and were provided with no special attention or care. The machinery dictated the speed they were to work at. In today’s modern society, many rules are enforced against child labor. There is a certain age restriction for when children are allowed to work. They are to work only for a certain amount of hours per day. If people were to follow the traditional belief of how new ideas and ambition disrupt the social order and society then child labor would still be in effect. Respect is earned in the modern day society; People achieve their positions own positions. Today, individuals want to live by a certain style of life and that is what makes them part of the consumer community. Higher style of living is great because there is so much to choose from. There is so much variety out there; around a hundred different kinds of toothpaste, a thousand different toothbrushes and a million different towels to choose from. People love variety; they mix and match various items, such as, a pink scarf with blue jeans to create new A LOOK AT MODERN AND TRADITIONAL SOCIETY 4 trends and fashions. However, at the same time, there is a big issue in today’s society concerning global warming, if people critically look at this situation, they will realize, they are being hypocritical. They are telling everyone to use fewer resources yet they are producing over a hundred different types of shampoos. In traditional society, this was not at all a concern; people bought whatever they needed in order to survive and did not have a thousand different brands to choose from. So, there was not competition among the members of the society. Today, everyone wants to be the best and they have this fear of being different. Everyone wants to fit in to the society and just blend in with everyone else. Buying and selling are a must in today’s modern society. According to Bell (1996), “what was once considered luxurious for the middle and lower class is now just an ordinary item.” (p.69). Electronics and expensive goods were only bought by the rich and wealthy because they were the ones who could afford such merchandise. Today, one can get a cell phone for zero dollar
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