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Bell, Shils, and Thompson Economy

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Social Science
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SOSC 1000
James Williams

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SOSC 1000 – October 8 Bell – shrinking of the world, creation of a common culture, symbol for modernity – automobile. Shils – Marxist figure. He wants to celebrate modernity. Carl Polanae – The Great Transformation. Has a different take on traditional modernity. Arrives with the development of disembodiment, self-regulation, and free market economy. Signal for the arrival of modern. Land, labor and capital became factors of production – they become commodities. Pre-modern – you did have a claim through the size of bread, traditional regulation as what we will understand as the economic world. Shils and Bell rep the optimism of mainstream social science. They see history as progress, we are better off in modernity than trade. They’re other acad
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