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York University
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Terry Conlin

Group Leader Question – Reflection My question was “If there was a quick and harmless way (taking a pill or a shot) for everyone in the world to all become heterosexual should it be applied?” My answer to the question is just my opinion and in no way reflects the general consensus of the group for my group all had different answers and different reasons why they support their answers. In my opinion I believe that if it was possible for the world to all become heterosexual it should be applied because it eliminates discrimination. Eliminating discrimination is the only reason why I believe that everyone should share the same sexuality for in some places being homosexual can lead the punishments as harsh as execution and being different causes some people to feel insecure and out of place. If everyone were to become heterosexual I believe that there would be a lot less hate around the world. Strengths to my question were that it provoked a lot of discussion among my group, which allowed me to get a lot of feedback. My question was not open ended in a sense that when someone provided an answer I could always further the discussion using the answer provided and still stay on topic.Another strength about my question is that it allowed me to see the weaknesses in the question and think of ways to improve the
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