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Terry Conlin

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The making of Modern Motherhood • The role that the mother is supposed to play is invented and not a natural occurrence st • The 21 century mother nurturing, caring for her children has no life outside motherhood, not natural, is forced by society Mothering Vs. Motherhood • Mothering is the experience of raising children • Motherhood is the institution that tells women how to mother, told to mother in isolation, institution oppresses women • As an institution, operates to dominate women, not a natural function, and is culturally performed Invention of Motherhood: Agriculture to Urbanization Agriculture • Before 1900’s Motherhood did not exist because: no concept of childhood, seen as adults in small bodies • No need for special care cause they had no needs • Also, women could not waste time on children • Husband and wife equally shared productive labour • Child taken care of by older children or grandparents rather than mother • Wet nursing: infant nursed by another women Urbanization • Motherhood is invented as a purpose since they had no jobs • First time families leave farms to look for paid employment, spend the money on things they used to make themselves • Men went for paid work, wom
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