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Part B of the Final Exam

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Part B Two of the following four questions will appear on the exam. You will be asked to answer one of them. 1. During the past three decades there has been a great deal of public debate around the issue of family values. Discuss the major points of contention, and the ideological contours of this debate Family values have changed during the past three decades. There has been major contention and ideological contours of family values, however, our society still has a long way to go before family values truly revolutionize. Throughout this essay, reading from Hays, Rich and the movie Tough Guise and Twilight of the golds will be mentioned. Family values are social beliefs about nuclear family to be the essential ethical and moral unit of society. The concept of motherhood is a term used byAdrienne Rich to describe the way in which the act of raising a child is being shaped by patriarchal institutions. To describe the way in which these patriarchal institutions have shaped mothering she also introduces the term intensive mothering. Intensive mothers are those who concentrate on their children giving them all their love, time, and energy. Intensive mothers are those who sacrifice themselves for their children, they put their children above all the other responsibilities.As Sharon Hays says intensive mothering is "child-centred, expert guided, labour-intensive, and financially expensive. One role of the intensive mother is to play the caregiver role. Most of the time mother is the main caregiver for a child and a pulse of domesticity. Her role is not only to care after her children but also maintain all the work around her house:As a housewife, she has to prepare food for her family, clean her house, do the laundry, etc.As a mother, she has to nurture children, feed them, cloth them, and socialize them. Her job as a wife includes providing sexual and psychological needs for her husband. Finally, as being a daughter, she has to care for her elder parents. Caregivers are traditionally viewed as consumers not producers because they are financially dependent on their spouses. While traditionally, a husbands' role is to provide for his family and do the physical work around the house like repair anything that is damaged or broken or throw out the garbage. The male of the house hold is the breadwinner, tough, and a part of the public sphere, while the female are subordinate to male, the care giver and controls the private sphere. As a result the traditional values reflects patriarchal principle ideology Also, in the movie Tough Guise, we saw how modernity and traditional way of thinking has affected the family values. Based on Tough Guise, a young male child gets persuaded on how to become a “real” man through movies and cartoons.Areal man should be big and muscular and has the bigger gun while the woman is the slim and has a smaller gun. We can see the traditional values and modernity work hand in hand. Based on the movie, modernity is used to promote the traditional family values.As a child grows up, he/ she will have idea of what they should be which then alters the family values and the ideology for the future. In addition, Even though homosexuality is legal in Canada and in some other countries, discrimination still exists against gays and lesbians that can affect the family values.As we have seen in the movie The Twilight of the Golds, children feel outsiders within their families and society and parents often want to change the sexual orientation of their homosexual children. In conclusion, Family values have changed during the past three decades. There have been major contention and ideological contour of family values. 2. With reference to course materials, including the work of Harold Innis and the cases of James and Voisey’s Bay, how has the transition to modernity impacted Canada’s environment and indigenous peoples? The transition to modernity has adversely affected the indigenous people and the Canadian environment, through the exploitation by the Western Europeans. Throughout this essay, work from the documentary The Wind That Keeps on Blowing, Harold Innis, Paul Hawken will be used as reference. Modernity has benefited Canada and also negatively affected the Canadian environment and the indigenous people. In the documentary The Wind That Keeps on Blowing, it speaks on the case of the James Bay project. Hydro Quebec constructed a power station on the La Grande River in northern Quebec, Canada. The construction of such development affected the environment negatively; changing the flow of the river, which then polluted the lands.Also, this started the process of the extinction of the Belunga Whale species. The hydro Quebec settlement was built on Indian land which took away hunting opportunities from Indians, they lost their land. The Cree civilization was found to have mercury level 3 to 5 times above the national safety standards. This was due to the levels of mercury found in the fish that they feed on.Also, some birds and animals also feed on fish. After phase 1 of the project everything was out of control, there were impacts even though people were told that there will be no impacts on the environment On the other hand, there were also benefits of the James Bay project. In the James Bay Northern Quebec agreement; the civilizations were compensated for the effect of James Bay project. The Inuit were given $90 million for exchange of their land, although they lost 80% of their land and the Cree were given 130 million and provided with exclusive hunting and fishing rights, outright ownership of 1.5%. The James Bay Project also created jobs and brought people a modern life, shopping malls, new roads as well as monitoring programs to help keep track of the effect as they show up and do the correction.
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