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Part A 5050 minutes Six of the following items will appear on the exam You will be asked to define definition and explain the significance connect it to something else show you understand for the course of five of them 10 each 1 Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher who was born at Westport England on April thth5 1588 and died on December 4 1679 He was interested in political philosophy and history Many of his works including his exploration of the nature of the human condition were based on those interests Hobbes believed that people would compete against each other in a state of nature unless they subject themselves to a common power Thomas Hobbes was significant because he made a lot of contributions to a social science and to philosophy That was him who started to study human behaviour and after whom this subject was appropriate subject to study We can see his name in every philosophy history or social science book as he was one of those great people who made social scienceSourceWikipedia lecture 2 course kit pg 302 Immiseration making dehumanized workforce reduction in wages and working conditions Mexico is one of the countries who experience such conditions Unemployment and underemployment affect half of the Mexican workforce Those people who have jobs usually have to work in bad conditions for very low wages they are called immiserized We can also see immiseration in Westray story where workers experienced bad and unsafe working conditions which unfortunately resulted tragically killing 26 workers Karl Marx however thought that such reduction in wages and working conditions are logically required by the nature of capitalist productionSourcecourse kit pg 231 3 Dominant ideology is a group of common ideas values and beliefs shared by majority of the people in a society It tells what is right and what is wrong and therefore has an impact on how people act in society Dominant ideology is important for society because it defines how most of the people view the world in which they live Source course kit pg 63 4 Aggregate Demand the total demand for good and services within the economy at a given price level YCIGXM It is significant because of using government expenditure to lower high unemployment and high inflation It focuses to get the economy at a level of full employment 5 5 Holmbergs Mistake is the notion that our assumptions about Native American life may be incorrect because Native Americans were under duress of outside events eg war when they and their culture were observed Holmbergs Mistake can be referred to mythistory in some way Because we still are not sure about the history of Native Americans for some
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