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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Holmbergs MistakeOur assumptions about the Native Americans life was incorrect because most of our observations of their culture was made while they were under great duress This can be looked as a Mythistory as today we are still unsure about the history of native Americans as some people believe that the assumptions of native Americans is true while others dont believe it is trueThomas Hobbes established that human behavior was appropriate area of study15881679society began with a social contract that looked at what caused human to form societies publishedwrote book leviathan humans would compete strongly against each other in a state of naturehuman must follow to a common power that they can live in reasonable security Mythistorywhat seems true to one historian will seem false to another so one historians truth becomes anothers myth even at the moment of utterance will include only what they want myth is false while history is truemyths are based on faith more than on factscientific method couldnt be applied to history Reform Liberalism people are rational and self centered believe in good and growing of the economybelieve in equality of opportunity and
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