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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Jeremy Trevett

EXAM REVIEWPART A SHORT ANSWERDEFINITIONHolmbergs Mistake Charles Mann identifies Holmbergs mistake as misjudging and misanalyzing the indigenous group of the Siriono as being a static culture and always being culturally impoverished Holmbergs was right in analyzing that the Siriono were culturally impoverished but his assumption is wrong in believing that they had always been this way The Siriono were in fact culturally impoverished but not because they were static of the ancient past but because smallpox and influenza laid waste to their village in the 1920s Before the epidemic there were at least 3000 villagers if not more but by Holmbergs time fewer than 150 remained The decline in population was so catastrophic that it created a genetic bottleneck this occurs when a population becomes so small that they are forced to interbreed within the family creating genetic defects Holmberg did not know of the earlier culture of the Siriono the culture that had built causeways and mounds of fish weirs the culture that was not static and left a mark This is significant to the course because it looks at Native American tribes and makes them seem as if they are a prehistoric kind of people and need the interference of European civilization to determine their fate for them We also see this in the lecture we had in class entitle Ways of Seeing Holmbergs mistake is apparent here because he turns a blind eye to history and only looks at the people and culture which are put before him SirionoMythistory McNeil coined the term mythistory in response to historians of his day analyzing history as a scientific study McNeil believed that scientific method could not be applied to history because it failed to capture the broader view of human history which included mythology ie oral stories Thus the coining of the term mythistory which blends together history and mythology McNeil explains that myth and history are both kin because both tell stories about how things came to be both are the same in what they aim to accomplish but use different tools History follows scientific thought and is based on facts but problem is is that it is not pieced together for us Myth provides comprehensive explanation where history does not do thisMythistory blends facts history with narrative myth because both alone cannot get the job done Blending of myth and history together facts must be influenced by narrative to create an understanding and vice versa because without narrative facts are meaningless and myths are false without facts This is significant to the course because it relates to ideology as we learned about in lecture and in our readings Ideology is a series of assumptionsbeliefs when put together makeup our understanding and explanations for people We also see this with Columbus where Americans would say that Columbus discovered new land Native Americans would argue that they were enslaved and mistreatedHonour The term honour comes up in the Campbell reading in regards to the Sarkatsan society who were and traditional society Honour in traditional society is a highly valued object as a member of your family it is your job to gain and maintain the honour for your family and not to diminish it The value of honour contains and an aspect of integrity and social worth within the
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