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Midterm Exam Notes

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Terry Conlin

1FULL EXAM REVIEWPART A1 Holmbergs MistakeHolmberg was an anthropologist that lived with an Native American tribe called Serona from 19401942 Holmberg argued that the Serona were culturally backwards because they had no art or design no religion carried fire from camp to camp sleepless nights He said that Serona were example of primitive human kind in the state of nature Holmberg believed they lived uninterrupted outside of history Holmberg was mistaken Mann says that Holmberg was right about the Serona being culturally improvise however his reason was wrong New finding that Serona had villages but killed off by small pox The village has about 300 people now only contains 150 Genetic Bottleneck happened which occurs when there is a huge population decline and they resort to recreating with family members Mann says they were fighting catal rangers for their land Serona were fighting the rangers and because of that they were sent to prison camps and had to work on land The Seronas shelter were badly built because they were always on the run Holmberg was wrong with assuming they always lived that way when they actually didnt Small pox inbreeding catal rangers They had no time for culture development People who spoke a certain language the Beni that includes Serona had build causeways roads dikes reservoirs mounds raised agricultural fields and ball courts Proving wrong that they left no trace in history Holmbergs Mistake Believed he lived on internal and no historical state He used our own historical bias The only thing that was Ahistorical was Holmberg himself Holmberg didnt look into their history This is significant to Intro to Social Science because it demonstrates that you need to make sure you explore all the history before coming to conclusions about groups of people This also demonstrates how people always make a imprint on history in some sort of way This also demonstrates how it is important to look at the history of everything to get a full understanding 2 Thomas HobbesHas debated across 200 years of history with Aristotle Engaged in a debate of societies Nature of society and human beings Worth The value of worth of a man is of all other things his pride Not absolute but dependant on the need of another First author after the English civil war which gave rise to classical liberalism To suggest that we have a property in our person Author who was the precursor of selling our labour power or selling our labour First to suggest we have a property in our person to ourselves and we belong to ourselves This became the precursor for classical liberalism Founding father of classical liberalism Significance is connected with classical liberalism3 MythistoryMythistory blends facts Both alone cannot get the job done Myth and history are both kin They try to explain how things got to be how they are by telling a story Myth is false while history is true History tries to get facts while myth is interested in values and beliefs Myth provides explanation of facts Mythistory emerges out of problem of history and myth 2separately It blends history and ideology Facts need to be narrated which is why Mythistory is a useful instrument The concept of Mythistory is significant to the course because it shows that there is always going to be an aspect of myth within history it just depends on where you are receiving the history from This connects back to the Zinn reading in regards to Columbus There are two versions about Columbus and are both considered fact depending on who you hear it from 4 Reform LiberalismOften called contemporary liberalism Is about personal freedom It is a positive right for each citizen to develop to their full potential in society Be all you can be Limit government Can be used to reduce the freedom of some in order to enhance the freedom of most They are for progressive taxation Much larger rule of government Equality of right Equality of opportunity Every citizen should have opportunity Education is a great equaliser They dont believe that the property should be the be all and end all Consent of the governed 5 Just In Time WorkforceIs the concept of manufacturing that reduces a manufacturers cost and increases efficiency by improving the flow of supplies and good and reducing the amount of in process inventory that is purchased and stored and more effective inclines production and labour needs with customer demands Ex numerical work arrangements parttimecontract workers There is less regulations put on employees rights corporation developed way to bypass that 6 HonourHonour is defined as a condition of integrity of being untouched by the attack of insult or betrayal in traditional society It refers to the responsibility of upholding the familys reputation against violence or outrage Honor entails two principles intrinsic and extrinsic such as sex linked qualities such as maniless in male and sexual shame in female 7 Legitimation FunctionConnected to Keynesian welfare state and when it came under attack by the right and left wing ideologies Is one of the 3 characteristics that the hard core or extreme left wing used to critize the Keynesian welfare state It is a function that is adopted by a specific capitalistic economic system which allows the working classes to compete on a level playing field by way of bank loans and grants It panders the advantages of capitalism by making sure that the lower class has access to things it would not have otherwise so as to temper calm the revolutionary sentiments Serves to serve capitalistic interested by allowing the lower class to things they wouldnt have otherwise Serves to keep the peace between the lower class and upper class at least according to the left Legitimation function refers to a function that is adopted by a specific capitalist economic system which allows the working classes to compete on a level playing field with bourgeoisie by a way of bank loans and grants
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