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Midterm Exam Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Social Science Midterm Exam NotesPart A DefinitionsTerms Holmbergs Mistake oHolmberg lived with the Sirono people Native Americans in the BoliviaoStipulated that the Sirono were culturally impoverished people who were subject to illnesses and diseasesoStated that they were primitive human beings and that the land that they lived on was unmarked by their presence and time meant nothing to them which allowed them to live in an unhistorical state oHolmberg didnt have any intellectual knowledgehistory about the land or about the Sirono and he applied his own biases and thoughts to his observations which led to his mistake oMistake assumed they were always culturally impoverishedbackwards oSignificance must look at everything from a birds eye view not simply one area of history but we must look at everything as a wholeconnects to the issues to Columbus and the fact that he made us believe that he was a good man who America celebrates when in reality he treated the Natives with disrespect and violence Thomas Hobbes oExplored the nature of human condition and established the fact that human behavior can be studied oThe concept of competitionhumans would be against each other in war and only living reasonably when subjecting themselves to a common power oSocial contract theory that social behavior is rational and this causes humans to form societies who would rulegovern the people oChallenged Aristotle on the nature of human naturewe have the property in our person as individualscritique of Aristocracy challenged how things were legitimized counter ideology oRise to classical ideology where we have the power in our persons and we have property to ourselvesthis led to classical liberalism oClassical liberalism absence of cohesion and the individual should be free to do as they please government is the primary threat to the rights of individuals citizens are subject to and abide by a set of rights and different sets of power this shows different sets of people free of government power and pursue own selfinterest oSignificance buying and selling of land individuals shouldnt be restricted on what they can and cant do they should be able to access the resources they want and it also aids the idea of full time employment by selling your capacities for work Mythistory oMcNeill believes that myth and history are constantly embedded in each other and explains how things got to where they are by telling a storymyth is false and history is true myth shows an explanation to those factsoMythistory mingles in truth or falsehood there is a blending of facts along with a narrative it guides human groups into their natural environmentsoFact of history and organize structure of myth aid each other to form mythistory oBoth separately aim to explain attributes of the past together facts must be informed by narrative and without facts myths are false oPattern recognition selectively paying attention to certain facts and leaving out other info because its not important once new info comes forward the current info will become obscure and useless oSignificance bring the two together to understand a full story two sides to every story ex Columbus Reform Liberalism
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