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Social Science
SOSC 1009
Terry Conlin

PartA– six of them will appear on the exam. Know all of dem The Fur Trade In pre-confederation times, the British and the indigenous peoples of NorthAmerica engaged in a trade system to benefit both parties. As discussed in lecture, the natives would trade various types of furs, predominantly beaver; and the British traded European manufactured goods and tools such as guns. It is significant because it relates to the theme of progress since this trade was essential to the industrial growth of France and England while giving the perception that it was essential to the growth of the Inuit. It was also significant because it relates to the theme of ideology when drawing back on Holmberg’s mistake this fur trade was governed by a Eurocentric ideology that the Inuit were primitive and lazy and needed to be civilized by the Europeans. Lastly, it is also important to the theme of modernity. It was thought that through the fur trade would bring modernity to the Inuit and lead them to prosperity. Luddism Luddism then, is the belief that technological change is not beneficial for society, because technology is not neutral and creates a system of upper class domination over the working class. As Noble highlights, this worldview was adopted by the working class from 1811 to 1817 in response to a sewing “power loom” technology with no economic purpose, only control related. Fundamentally then, this world view is contradictory to the visions of a techno paradise many had during this era, as Rifkin underlines, because it permits the creation and separation of social classes. Luddism is further significant because it highlights the conflicting ideologies of classes in society. Because the technologies have been successfully invoked and have not received any further large scale revolts, we can see that the dominant class won the ideological war. Race as Social Construct Augie Fleras when identifying race in our culture, highlights that, just like animals, we as humans all belong to the same species, no matter what variations there are in our physical appearances. Likewise, in lecture, the documentary “Skin Deep: The Science of Race”, underlined that there are no inherent genetic differences from people across the globe. Thus, at the most scientific basis, race does not exist. If there is no scientific basis then the notion of race must be created by society, and, as stated in the documentary be used by dominant groups in society to divide ethnic groups into rankings of inferior and dominant. “The Bell Curve” as Gould highlights, is an excellent example of this exact ranking method. In summary, it states that some races are inherently more intelligent, yet ignores other important social factors. Liberal Feminism Liberal Feminism, as defined by Muszynski, is a theory of feminism developed in conjunction with liberal democratic societies that primarily focuses on a woman’s ability to show and maintain equality through her own actions and choices. The equality reference point is the white middleclass male. Liberal feminism as a counter ideology is important because it presents a new way of looking at society, objective from traditional patriarchal views. Linkages It is a way of diversifying the economy by not causing dependence on a resource. There are 3 types of linkages backward linkages, forward linkages, and final demand linkages. Backward involves Investment in domestic production of inputs for export industry. Forward involves using output of export industry as an input. Final includes providing for consumer needs of workforce. Caregiver Role In lecture, Professor Conlin andAndrea O’Reilly both identified that the caregiver role is a fundamental aspect of a female’s life in the modern domestic world. The woman in this society is ideally supposed to provide all basic needs of the family including, sustenance, psychological and elder care. Additionally, the woman must care for her children, which, as Hays highlights, has become increasingly prominent in society today. Thus, reflecting the patriarchal ideology of society in which women are only a male’s subordinate figure. Hays further argues that these create cultural contradictions, “dual demands” for a woman who wants to also have a career because she must perform traditional woman roles, and her traditional male role. Intensive Mothering Unlike the caregiver role, intensive mothering involves the persistent participation of the mother in all activities associated around the kid’s childhood. This role was introduced after the Second World War, in an effort to remove females from the workplace to make room for the returning males. Additionally, this role of mothers is a middle class NorthAmerican luxury, as those in the working class cannot afford to spend time with their kids. This notion highlights that ideologies reflect the culture in which they are birthed, The Death of birth The death of birth Hawken defines in his review of “Ecology and Commerce”, as simply the effect of Humanity causing the extinction of life on earth because of exceeding the carrying capacity of the environment. Hawken analogizes this using a pictur
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