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Civilization is the sprout of many different fruits of social science. Civilization can be looked upon differently by diverse cultures and human societies of distant parts of the world. In the west it may be defined as a society that has its own culture and developed city – although it does hold some prejudice for it suggests that a city or society that is not developed cannot be defined as a civilization – or broadly human society in general. In the east, civilization is related more so to the harmony of a city rather than the advancement of the city. No matter the take on civilization one decides to take, the importance of civilization in social science cannot be ignored. The birth of civilization began with agriculture. This is acknowledged for the simple, but obvious reason that without agriculture there would be no civilization. Agriculture is an important factor that made it possible for mankind to make a living without moving and therefore making it possible for mankind to establish a community, furthermore a civilization. This contributes to the reason why the advancement of a civilization may be measured by their progress in agriculture. With the start of agriculture the ranking of mankind, usually through power – hierarchy – began. Most civilizations of the past were also run on hierarchy, with the kings and religious priests found at the top of the hierarchy triangle. Today, the hierarchy system still exists and is most often seen in the government systems of society. As a society that promotes equality, concepts such as the hierarchy of credibility came into view. This concept argued the unfairness that people at the top of the social hierarchy was thought to be more credible than the people at the bottom. A civilization usually has a very complicated and intricate set of customs and cultures. The customs and cultures of one country will usually also influence those near them, thus affecting social science. For example, the customs and cultures of China are also found in the near countries of Korea and Japan. This does not mean that they have the same cultures and customs. Different societies are able to put distinctions between their society and those of the ones around them, usually referred to as boundary maintenance. A culture may be looked upon as a social integration, for culture is a principle that relates the people of that society. Social science studies that human society and the relationships within that society in
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