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Definitions for MIDT

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Social Science
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SOSC 1009
Paula Wilson

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Words to Define (Glossary Objective) Be sure that you can define (and perhaps differentiate between different terms) and USE the following biological terms within each section of the course. Many of these terms will be used in several different units within the course. You should be able to differentiate between terms separated by ‘vs.’ Many of these terms are found in your textbook, some only in lecture. Nature of Science • pattern vs. mechanism component, prediction (including testable prediction), suppor t, refute, observational study vs. experimental study, control, null hypothesis vs. alternative hypothesis, p seudoscience, anecdotal evidence, irreducible complexity, Intelligent Design, Theistic Evolution, Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, Cell Theory, empirical, self-correcting, correlation, causation, assumption, infer/inferences, irreducible complexity/irreducibly complex • Define and differentiate between the following pairs of terms: theory & hypothesis; evidence & proof; believe & accept; function & purpose. Intro to Evolution, History of Evolutionary Thought • (intro to evolution) evolution, theory of evolution, microevolution, macroevolution, natural selection, heritable, population, • (history of evolutionary thought): typological vs. population thinking, Scala Naturae/ladder of nature, uniformitarianism, gradualism, use and disuse, inheritance of acquired characteristics, ‘struggle for existence’ • (evidence for evolution) descent with modification, hypothesis of special creation, fossil, fossil record, decomposition, sediment, transitional fossil, morphology, palaeontology, palaeontologist, habitat bias, taxonomic and tissue bias, temporal bias, abundance bias, transitional feature, extant vs. extinct, geologic time scale, superposition, sedimentary rock, volcanic rock, vestigial trait, radioactive decay, radiometric dating, parent vs. daughter atoms/isotopes, law of succession, ancestor, descendant, tetrapod, dynamic vs. static, internal consistency, continental drift/plate tectonics, artificial selection, biogeography, endemic species, dispersal, vicariance, common ancestry, homology (homologous), convergent evolution, analogy, homoplasy , parsimony; define and differentiate between developmental homology, genetic homology, and structural homology. • (overview of phylogenetics - basics of reading a tree) phylogeny, phylogenetic tree, common ancestor, node, branch, tip, morphology, speciation, speciation event, divergence, rRNA, taxonomy, taxon/taxa, domain, genus/genera, scientific name Microevolution (Genetic Variation, Mutation & HWE; Natural Selection & Adaptation; Maintenance of Genetic Variation; Gene Flow, Genetic Drift, & Non-Random Mating) • (HWE & mutation) population, allele vs. gene, genetic variation, genotype/phenotype, genotypic/phenoty pic variation, heritability, mean/average value of character or trait, relative abundance, qualitative (discrete) vs. quantitative (continuous) variation, gene pool, genotypic frequency, allele frequency, Hardy -Weinberg principle, Hardy-Weinberg equilibriu m, genetic equilibrium, loci/locus, fixation, loss, fertilization,mutation (deleterious/detrimental, lethal, neutral, beneficial/advantageous, loss -of-function), microevolution, • (natural selection) natural selection, fitness, relative fitness, adaptation,adaptive, nonadaptive variation, acclimation vs. adaptation, cheater/selfish alleles, genetic correlation, ple
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