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SOSC 1009
Julie Dowsett

a) Hobbes is trying to figure out how people can have the best life in the best society. In order to understand how to achieve the best life and society we need to imagine people outside the society. In a pre-societal state, state of nature there would be no government life would be in toleratable and everyone would be your enemy, the condition would be all against all. Therefore the greatest fear is the fear of death. He is not referring to anything in actuality but imagining. b) The meaning of the quote is that in a society outside of a civil state, which is called the state of sate, all men are at all with each other at all times. Hobbes believes when people fight and kill each other there are theoretical concepts that justify what they are doing and the purpose of this is to preserve your life. However these concepts can be used for war and peace. . c) Due to a constant fear of death in the society of nature consequently there can be no culture or industry therefore no commonality can exist among man. “ The passion that incline men to peace are fear of death, desire of such things are necessary to commodious living, and a hope by their industry to obtain them” (109). This disconnect among people is the reason for the war against all but Hobbes says that to remedy this problem there must be a sovereign or ruler of some sort. By estoing power to a ruler he says that order can be brought among men in which individuals of society can be punished for wrong doings against others. Hobbes refers to this as the societal state which strives to achieve peace and the good life by balancing the right of all things to that of liberty. “ Let him therefore consider with himself—when taking a journey he arms himself and seeks to go well accompanied, when going to sleep he locks his doors, when even in his house he locks his chest, and this when he knows there be laws and public officers, armed, to revenge all injuries shall be done him—what opinion has he of his fellow subjects when he rides armed, of his fellow citizens when he locks his doors, and of his children and servant when he locks his chest” (107). This quote talks basically how in a state of nature since every man is for himself there is a great fear of people attacking each other since everyone feels the right to have everything even each others bo
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