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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1009
Terry Conlin

1 Evaluate the Industrial Revolution from the perspectives of EP Thompson and James Burke EP Thomson in the book of the Making of the English Working Class viewed the industrial evolution as created new social awareness and classes of people with people working in factories merchants and businessmen The period of industrial revolution really took off in the period of 1790 to 1830 with greater economy production and oppression of politics People had higher standards of living and saw the working class as the freeborn Englishman however he viewed it pessimistically as a catastrophic event for the people In the first case he stated that children were severely exploited as they worked in factories with extremely long hours and poor environment As a result children were poorly treated with many passed out and even die In the other event there was also riot forming such as with the food and bread situation where the price was extremely high due to the famine Despite the significant increase in our technology and inventions the working conditions and lack of ability to produce enough food during disaster showcase that the industrial revolution is not up to the standard as he imaged to be In James Burkes work the Connections showed the idea that innovation does not occur in isolation but in combination with creativity There is also mix of genetic pool due to improvement of travelling methods These innovations and inventors for new ways to acquire energy and new machines replaced hand power tools with faster and cheaper Works were done in factories and lack of housing with also exploitation of workers of children Hence overall in both works there are benefits to the industrial revolution but the working conditions are definitely causing exploitations
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