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Social Science
SOSC 1140
Henry Jackman

I agree with Marcel based on his notion that considering the side effects of medications is one of the most important factor when deciding treatment for internalizing and externalizing disorders. Taking a doctor’s perspective, there is a tendency that people would respond to a specific treatment method differently; this is attributed to individual biological, mental, cultural differences, history of illness, as well as possible inherited disease (Cromer 2013). With this in mind the doctor should consider the fact that a youth suffering from ADHD for example may exhibit different treatment effects compared to another youth with the same disorder. As a doctor, the best alternative to prevent any adverse side effects of treatments is to seek as much information about the individual, such as; previous cases of illness that the individual has had, current health condition, family health history and other details that should be noted. This would enable the doctor to be able to prescribe an effective treatment method for the youth. For example, there are different stimulants used to treat ADHD (Faraone and Wilens 2007). As said by Dr Rahey, the most often prescribed medication for ADHD are amphetamines (2013). Othe
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