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Social Science
SOSC 1185
Lee Wiggins

SOSC 1185 FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1. The Medical Treatment of Women, by: Mitchinson Talks about the historical transformation of health care and its impact on women 3 Interrelated Themes: 1. Relationship between Culture and Medicine Biology is destiny, biological determinism The way physicians treat women are a representation of society`s values Study how women treated medically = how society perceives women Doctors see women as different from men (emotionally, morally and psychological) Assumed it is due to the reproductive system diseased Therefore, men`s reproductive systems are not diseased = normal Otherizing women supporting that women are weaker than men Physicians see womens main function as maternity Interference with this must be resisted Ex. Dr.Hingston believes the removal of women`s ovaries itself is a crime against humanity, interest of the state Marriage and motherhood are cures for uterine diseases Problem with pregnancies = neglecting their womanly roles Women without periods = have unhealthy attitudes towards femininity Menopause = not normal because men do not experience it Emotions hysteria is believed to be part of a woman`s biological make-up These emotions make women appear wear no control over self Doctors give meds to control these emotions Become scientific objectivity 1. Medicalization of Society: Interest in the problem/ disease, not the people as humans Focuses on all the weaknesses of the body the difference between men/women Women`s reproductive ability, menstrual cycle, menopause = problems Medical intervention required Patients = passive, doctors = active Patients live in hospitals = controlled, medically established env. Health care = less private, individuals and families have less control Doctors are seen as knowledgeable, influential they can medicalize everything Ex. women should not masturbate weakens sex enjoyment, deafness, decreased strength, insanity Problem for men, act of self-pleasure, they do not benefit Women must remain virtuous because they have to bear children Men on the other hand, must increase sex drive If women have strong sex drive = rebelling against nature Ex. prostitutes = crimes, men who seek them = their `natural drive` Medicalized sex and abortion: Birth control = immoral, unnatural not women`s proper role Telling women not to take birth controls and that abortions are bad Medicalized how to raise their children as well the `proper ways` 1. Interventionist Nature of Medicine: Development of technology, scientific knowledge and the economy The clear, clinical tests fixing the problems very technical approach Clear that it is to fix the disease, not the person Giving birth = more common There is a surgery done to get rid of the insanity in women (not for men) New tech./ creation of tools = easier for physicians to treat/ care for patients Women today, in relations to sports participation: Women taught to stay away from sports at a young age make them masculine Docs. and physicians medicalize make it more influential Today: women stay away from extreme sports, people more interested in men sports Women today, in terms of health care: Gynaecology special branch for women This separates men and women mentally, emotionally and psychologically Because of reproductive system Shows that men are stronger than women Women, and over all control over body: Doctors medicalize everything = women have less control over body Doctors = active role, patients = passive role We must realize that doctors dont have knowledge on everything 2. "Desires as Interruption", by Connell Four Discourses on Sexual Education: 1. Sexuality as Violence o Conservative o Relates sex to violence - abuse, incest, AIDS o Elimination of sex education and clinics o Reliance on family to provide these morals o Social Construction View: because violence has been in our society for a long time, no one born with knowledge of violence Learn it from society, what they see/ hear1. Sexuality as Victimization o Emphasizes that young women should be aware of their vulnerability to male rapists o Need to defend self against disease, pregnancy o Females are victims - Say NO o Naturalist View: common sense is something everyone should have, women should know how to protect self 1. Sexuality as Individual Morality: o Support female decision-making on sex o Sex is a test of self-control and self-respect o Individual restraint wins temptation o No school sex education o Schools should provide sex education focusing on 'good values' o Naturalist View: abstinence, self-respect, and self-control = natural 1. Discourse of Sexual Desire: o Schools do not talk about this o Desire, pleasure - exploring what feels good/ bad o Social Construction View: what the world thinks about sexuality, how to educate young people of society 3. "Giving voice to women with disabilities", by: Israelite and Swartz Traditional Medica
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