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Social Science
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SOSC 1340
Kean Birch

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Transnational corporations  Superpowers  Restrictions  Existence of negative elements  Positive aspects Capitalism Different perspective on capitalism today (positive/negative) Efficient allocation of resources Supply and Demand economy mechanism Negative  Race capitalism Keynesianism Fordism Reciprocity and redistribution markets Dual convergence or divergence Staple economy – economy reliant on trades of staple industries commodity Feudalism*** to the shift to capitalism, look at the reading “superpowers“ ted nace, certain corporations came up b/c of this, modern vs classical corporations 9 difference in superpowers Colonialism lead to imperialism Global governance –  Governance through global society through global corporations?  Why is it important Multi national corporations  Had restrictions to limit power  The existence of negative and positive aspect Visible hand
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