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Midterm Exam Review (2010-2011)

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1341
Darryl Reed

SOSC 1341 Midterm Exam Notes Exam is out of 20 Points1 Matching Questions 18 of 36 terms is on the exam 6 Points 13 Points for Each TermCorporationLimited Liability Free Transferability of Investor Interests Legal Personality Centralized Management Partnershipsmall groups of businessmen bonded together by personal loyalties and mutual trust jointownershipmanagement Moral Legitimacystakeholder norms values of key stakeholders Cognitive Legitimacytaken for granted certain that stakeholders will support given activities Limited Liabilityinvestors and shareholders take little risk limiting corporate responsibility FLOFairtrade Labelling Organization International Certification Body standard conformity helps access mainstream distribution outlets UCIRIcooperative of indigenous farmers in Oaxaca Mexico coffee Solidaridad Social Enterprisediversity of social purposes retreat of the welfare state The Virginia CompanyConscripted Labour Slave Labour Democracy failure optimism not realized by company The East India CompanyPermanent Stock Parliament MPs were shareholders controlled trade east of the Cape of Good Hope had its own military economy and judicial system The Charter Companyearly US approach to corporations encouraged corporations to operate for common good Corporate Personhoodattribution of rights power and privledges of a natural person Class Consciousnessmaking revolutionary changes possible proletarian selfawareness never through reforms MarxEngels AlienationLabour is exploited under Capitalism MarxEngels no meaningful purpose for the workers effort into work ProletariatLabour class ruled by Bourgeoisie encouraged to take over the means of production The Great TransformationPolyanis Work reciprocity redistribution householding antagonizes the market The Economic ProblemProblem with meet needs demand and scarcity supply Proposes Three Solutions Tradition Command and Market Moral Economycustomary understanding of the responsibilities paid what they believed to be fair price just price social interest over private profit Thompson Commonscitizens without titles landed Gentry land holdings freement lower than nobility higher than the poor merchants traders nonapprentice artisians Common Lawbased on customs and was distinct from the Roman system Magna Carta above conventional law Early English Legal System protected traditional rights of economies imposed limits on the king Cooperativecollective ownership for mutual benefit stakeholderdriven fair trade and consumer education Fridell democraticallycontrolled Rochdalesite of first cooperative experiment buying group and divi key organization successful based on social and fundamental needs movement from resistance to organization Communismradical economic model run by state proletarian rule
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