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Lecture 2

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

(FINISHING) MARRIAGE, THE FAMILY, AND DIVORCE 5. Neoliberal Capitalism (1980s-present) and Divorce Law a. defining neoliberalism -state should interfere with peoples lives as little as possible b. c. “neoliberalism as water balloon” d. Moge v. Moge (1992) -recognized womans unpaid contribution to a marriage, such as child care, house work -she won spousal support e. Bracklow v. Bracklow (1999) -dealt with the spousal support of a short marriage, 7 years -wife was too ill to work and the supreme court grant her spousal support -looked at how disability can contribute to poverty f. Moge and Bracklow as double-edged sword -marriage and the family within the context of neoliberalism g. neoliberalism as reinforcing women’s dependence upon men -these cases are problematic SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER (1 HOUR) INSTITUTIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL SEXISM: A CASE STUDY OF THE CANADIAN SHELTER SYSTEM BY SARA SHAMDANI Ph.D. student, Social and Political Thought, York University Teaching Assistant, Gender and the Law Shelter Worker INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE (1 HOUR; COMPLETED NEXT WEEK) The husband hath, by law, power and dominion over his wife, and may keep her by force within the bounds of duty, and may beat her, but not in a violent manner. —Matthew Bacon (18th century English jurist) The law historically sanctioned the abuse of women within marriage as an aspect of the husband’s ownership of his wife and his “right” to chastise her. One need only recall the centuries-old law that a man is entitled to beat his wife with a stick “no thicker than his thumb.” —S.C.C. Justice Bertha Wilson (in R. v. Lavallee) 1. Violence Against Women in Canada: A Snapshot a. 1 in 2 Canadian women have survived at least one incident of physical or sexual violence b. over a quarter (29%) of Canadian women have been assaulted by a spouse c. 4 out of 5 Canadians murdered by their spouses are women murdered by men d. female children are targets of abuse in families more than male children e. over one million Canadian children have witnessed violence against
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