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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

AN1120 Lecture Outline Jan 6/8 Social Hierarchy: social, political and economic inequality • How are certain identities privileged or marginalized in various social contexts? • Privileged: considered more important than others • Marginalized: made to be marginal • Emphasis on process • social inequality – social hierarchy / social stratification: vertical models – social distinction: alternative model – example of discrimination? • social / cultural constructs or socially and culturally constructed • concepts and meanings built up through practice and in everyday life • naturalizing: making inequality seem automatic or ‘natural’ – white privilege (see textbook glossary) • colonial times: white = authority • meaning of whiteness changing, e.g. Irish, Jews, French Canadians – postcolonialism: legacy of colonial relations – historical perspective: how ideas change over time • social identities intersecting with other identities: – connections between aspects of social stratification Terms (reviewing/expanding textbook material) • class: socioeconomic position • ascribed status • achieved status • use for review: exercise 6.1 (p.167) • caste: making ascribed status more complicated • race/racism: hereditary and based on phenotype •
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