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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

AN1120 Lecture Outline Jan 13/15 Anthropology of Globalization: producing for faraway markets • How can we explain the vast inequality between the rich and the poor? • Example: producing for faraway markets • producer-consumer relationship • Experiences • Distance • Questions: • What do you consume that relies on materials produced in faraway places? • What do you know about who produces those goods and the conditions that they work under? • Colonialism • military, economic, administrative domination • colonizer - colonized • Colonial enterprise • raw materials – manufacturing – export Terms: • Metropole - colony • Centre - periphery • Power • Production – subsistence, industrial – Industrial Revolution • Slave/forced/exploitative labour • indentured labour • Social life of things (1986) – Follow the thing through various social contexts • Textile industry – Raw materials (cotton & slave labour) – Manufacturing (Britain) – Trade (colonial control) – Khadi • Sugar industry – Sweetness and Power (1985) • Sugar – from luxury to necessity – London Sugar and Slaver
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