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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

AN1120 Lecture Outline Jan 20/22 Anthropology of Globalization: introducing interconnection • Anthropological Theory • Tools to think with • Tools for analysis • What is Globalization? • intensified global interconnectedness • movement • isomorphism of language, territory, culture • movement, mobility • How are cultural practices mobile? Terms: • agency • transnational • global - local • Deterritorialization • ≠ isomorphism • movement, mobility • Reterritorialization • always in specific contexts • Global and Local • simultaneous • de/territorialization • Main points of Inda & Rosaldo 2001 • Globalization = Intensified interconnectedness • Uneven process • Anthropology: how global exists locally • Time &space: o Faster, more regular/frequent interconnections across further distances • De/territorialization of culture • Cultural imperialism o critique of one-way domination o ‘only westernization, homogenization’ • Instead: encounters o interpret, translate, appropriate (borrow) o reception = audiences • Community ≠ limits of a national territory • Reverse cultural flows: non-west to west o cultural imperialism neglects non
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