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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

GENDER, RACE AND IMMIGRATION (PART 2) The development of Canadian citizenship and naturalisation laws reflect the legacy of British legal tradition of the subject, British imperial policies and the imperatives of a white settler formation. —Enkashi (Ena) Dua 1. Segue From Aboriginal Peoples to Immigration: Welcome letter from Jason Kenney, 2011 (then-Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism) 2. Immigration and the Social/Legal Construction of “White Canada” a. British North America (BNA) Act (1867) - Canada is known as a white nation. We have not had racist immigration laws since the 1960’s - Demand of the state for labor. It is impossible to think about immigration without the need for employment. - We were not producing enough people, so we got it through immigration - Immigration was used for filling jobs that Canadians do not want. - Male British 21 years old being a house holder. b. Naturalisation Act (1881) - Elaborated on the BNA Act and added that British subjects did not qualify. - Idiots, disabled etc were not allowed. c. Chinese Immigration Act (aka “Chinese head tax”) (1885) - Wanted to make money in the gold rush - There wages were poor and were paid half of what whites made - Hundreds died - A lot of pressure on the government to cut down on Chinese immigration d. Chinese Exclusion Act (1923) e. “Gentlemen’s Agreement” (1907) f. Continuous Journey Stipulation (1908) g. Gurdit Singh and the Komagata Maru (1914) film clip: “White Canada Forever,” Continuous Journey (Canada, 2004) - He charted a steam ship and brought more then 300
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