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definitions sosc 1375

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

SOSC 1375 DefinitionsLong answer minimum 3 pages double spaced per question Define term and give relevant info from the course 1 mark definition 2 Marks applying concepts to definition Think critically relevance why was the case important power structures in society the way the law works dont do point forms by very familiar with narratology morality legal consciousness legal pluralismAdministrative Lawgoverns the activities of administrative agencies of government Tort Lawdeals with private wrongs committed against one another eg injury caused by negligence Treaty of Westphalia1658 principle of state soverignitypolitical selfdetermination principle of legal equality between states cant interfere with laws principle of nonintervention some exceptionsSentencing Circlesrepresent a recent attempt to implement more culturally appropriate forms of justice for Aboriginal people Operate within Canadian Justice System with parameters set out by the Canadian Criminal Codecase lawappeals Often take place of the Crim Code once guilt has been established Mostly for offences under 2 years prison time Ex R v Moses Narratologydistinguishes between events in the world and the ways in which they are presented in narratives Thought of as a vehicle of emotion to change perception Legal Consciousnessinterpretation of the law in our head 2 types As Attitude reasondesirenorms As Epiphenomenon product of social relations not individual Customary Lawis founded upon long continued practicesusage and is held by custom Payback is the most known form of customary law it is used by the community to punish the defendant with things such as a spear in the thigh Targeted Killingwhen the state kills another individual Directed against a person who is considered a threat to the states wellbeing Terrorism as a crime or act of warit is neither a traditional crime nor a traditional war Drone WarFirst used in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1989s Dec 2009 Obama authorized the expansion of the CIA Drone Program Bombs that blow up targeted at people or places
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