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SOSC 1375 Types of Law

by Anu J
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Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

Defining parameters - Law = what the government states out - Justice = our interpretation of the law o How we use laws to bring about a just decision Types of law - Substantive = consists of all laws that set out the rights and obligations of persons o What the written law is o Example: You cannot purchase or consume alcohol if you are under the age of 19 in Ontario - Procedural = outlines the steps and procedures involved in protecting and enforcing the rights given under substantive law (i.e. the rules of the court) o You can’t practice this law… they are just administrative government rules o Example: you must hold your G1 license for 12 months before you can give your test, unless you take a BDE course with an MTO-approved agency in Ontario - Public = regulates the relationships between states and individuals, or between states o Laws representing the interest of the public o Example: a company can’t dispose of chemicals in a lake or place near a community - Civil = regulates the personal relationships between two private parties o Employment, family law, divorces, contract law (everything except violence) o Also called private law - Criminal = state defined prohibitions with penalties o Liberal conception of law o Federal government is responsible because it applies to the whole nation o Example: if you plan to kill someone and kill them, you are sentenced to 25 years to life in jail
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