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SOSC 1375 final exam review

by Anu J
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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

#6 Law and Moral Ambiguity - Terrorism is not a traditional crime or war o Criminal paradigm  Due rights and procedures, due guarantees  Punished for guilt  Killing is permitted if:  Used for self defense  Use to prevent more harm o War paradigm  Everyone’s innocent, not about guilt  Kill as many as you can  No requirement to capture  Deadly force against combatants (in uniforms) is legitimate irrespective of immediate threat level  Legitimate targets: people in uniforms, people on military bases - Targeted killing o By the state’s agent o Toward a person #7 Legal Geography - Vagrancy act o Removal of the severe sanctions o The dangerous poor  Majority is poor, majority is dangerous  Redistribution of wealth o History  Who is seen as a productive citizen?  1869  1892 - Law and equality o Anatole France  Forbids the rich and the poor to steal bread o Distinction between formal side of the law and how it reads and its impact/purpose  Formal law vs. substantive law o Rule of law is good because everyone is treated the same  But it’s a bad thing because some laws discriminate against some populations - Urban space o Example: change the benches shape to prevent people from sleeping on them - Public space o Safe Streets Act  How is it different from vagrancy laws?  Guilty of a crime previously for being homeless/jobless  Switched from being homeless to doing bad things o We criminalize the action, not the state of the person  Example: you can be a rapist in your head but you’ll only be criminalized if you do a rapist action o Movement is important, vagrants are obstacles o Cleaning up poor people from the street - Citizenship acts o Just like vagrancy acts o Tied to the political economy  Who is self-sufficient, contributes to society, good economic subject? #8 Governing Trouble - Broken windows theory o Environment influences behaviour  Bad environment = bad people o BWT holds that disorder and crime are inextricably linked o environment easy to do crimes #9 Reasonable Person - Community standards test
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