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Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

Final exam Long answers write a lot Start with long answers Read the question twice and see what you are being asked It’s not going to be tell me about the case Patrick case- if u just start stating facts, your gnna be wasting time Garbage bag start off regarding Patrick case Don’t panic 1 lecture - Socio legal studies (what is the change) 2 lecture - Structure of courts - Canadian law basic definitions and match ups - Definitions- substantive law … - Law as technical game (why need so many lawyers)- cannot sue people for everything - Doxa – set of unexamined beliefs - Naratology 3 lecture - Clara ford 1894 (presented herself as a good women, committed murder, able to use naratology and she needed men to rescue her to make her feel better. - Recent cases tooba mohammad - Psychopathology (how medicalization came into law) first even people with medical issues were responsible for criminal behavior - R v daviault chronic alcoholic - R v stone 1999 insulting him convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years 4 lecture - All societies have laws - Legal pluralism (2 or more legal systems within the same geographical area) it may influence the way who is responsible for the crime - The courts make sure that law is applied the same way and asked judges to use the same guideline (gay marriage, abortion) - Aboriginal law (gladue case- explain why we have sentencing circles and the significance4 and importance of schooling and elders. People tell stories of what they learn in circles. Healing:body mind and spirit - What prevents from stealing (pay back) - Culpability and responsibility - Non aboriginal person cannot request for a sentencing circle - Can’t use sentencing circles for serious crimes - Sentencing circles do work 5 lecture - History of cctv- was used to deal with dangerous young kids - If you have a camera up somewhere, there should be a sign - Redlining weblining - Terrorism – know the two systems - Targeted killing- directed against a person by state - Criminal law paradigm – people punished for guilt, guilt must be proven, killing permitted if used for self defence - War paradigm- not abou
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