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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

SOSC 1375 Final Exam Study Guide httpsnotesolutioncomnotes108713 thThursday December 13 2pm4pmThe Dangerous Poor refers to the idea demonstrated by Marcus Aurelius that understands poverty to be the mother of crime It is based upon an old prejudice that believes the poor to be a dangerous class that will rob steal and commit violent crimes once given the opportunity However this idea is significant as society believed it posed a threat to its wellbeing the government and authority questioned how to contain and neutralize the danger presented They did this by denying their right to vote regulate public space and criminalizing drugs such as crack and cocaine Which the police would catch them using the drugs Urban SpaceCitizenship are areas occupied by towns and cities This idea ties into the concept of public space and how to regulate itWith understanding urban space it is closely related to citizenship Understanding urban space and its regulations classifies citizenship within that district For example homeless people there are many vagrancy laws that outline their abilities within society and public space imposed by societys stereotypic perception of the dangerous poor However with this understanding of marginalizing or othering this minority class our perception strips them of their citizenship statusCitizenship refers to the status of being a member of a country It can also be described as a social class Imposed with the duties responsibilities and privileges associated with such status This is significant as the government and authorities impose policies and laws which skew societys beliefs on who is considered a citizen and should be treated with such respect and dignity which follows the statusPublic Space Refers to the space not privately owned and open to the public or the common citizen It was streets being a vehicle and people as passengers However through the placement of vagrant laws and such these public spaces intend and try to exclude vagrants the homeless as they are seen as obstacles However this is significant as with such exclusion rooted within the beliefs of society government and capitalists have been trying to privatize these public spaces to exclude certain types of people classes and minoritiesHow to Turn a Beggar into a Bus Stop this idea refers to the regulation of public space and its attempt to allow the movement of citizens to flow smoothly It refers to vagrant laws which indirectly made homelessness illegal by creating laws around the acts of people living in homelessness For example bus companies and governments didnt want homeless people to sleep on bus benches as a result they skewed the benches on an angle in which someone could not sleep on or would be very uncomfortable to stay idle on for long periods of timeSafe Streets Act the latest set of laws dealing with Vagrancy in Canada It was developed as an amendment to the highway traffic ac This act was designed to develop regulate streets instead of explicitly regulating people in contrast to previous vagrancy acts The SSA focuses on framing the questions as one of the relationships between the pedestrian and the panhandler in terms of preventing the panhandler to gain access to the pedestrian SAAs challenge is to balance different rights claims so as to enable a smooth flow of pedestrians on the street thus increasing their safety and presenting their contact with beggars Rules of Civil Procedure this is a rule that states that if you have any kind of information even if it doesnt benefit you you must bring it in front of court specifically this means that every document relating to any matter in issue in an action that is or has been in possession control of power of a party must be presented as evidence in front of a court These documents can include facebook twitter and other social media forms of information
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