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GWST 2510: Women's Studies Midterm Definitions

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1502
Amar Wahab

Midterm Definitions Citizenship : Forms the idea of who belongs and who doesn’t, it is defined by the state. Citizens are entitled to certain rights & privileges. Gendered, racialized, and classist thought decides who benefits from citizenship and who is excluded. Ex. In Razack’s article, the segregation of Indigenous persons to “the stroll” exemplifies exclusion from the benefits of citizenship Colonization : Foundational to construction of the Canadian nation-state. Processes of domination and subordination are made naturalized and invisible. Colonization consists of 2 processes: 1. Material process – dispossession of land, spacial segregation 2. Symbolic process – creation of other who is lesser, process of subordination Ex. In Ravensong the colonial history still affects them, it shapes their views on white people and continues to act as an oppressive force. Intersectionality : oppression by multiple identities, race, class gender etc. Multiple systems of oppression can work together to create social inequality. Ex. Violent acts against Pamela George were the result of the intersecting oppressions of gender, race and class. Nation-State: The fusing of identity (nation) and authority (state). Indigenous persons experience and exclusion from both the nation and the state. The nation is a community of people who believe themselves to be similar or connected by a common identity, residential schools were an attempt to assimilate indigenous persons into the collective nation. Their exclusion from the state is exemplified by government policies such as the Indian Act. Ex. In Ravensong, the bridge is an allegorical representation of exclusion from the nation state and segregation. The characters view their identity and whiteness to be separate, not a shared identity. In Razack’s
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