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York University
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SOSC 1510
David Langille

October 3 Question What is globalization? What is neo-liberalism, and how has it changed life in Canada? Dan Glenday, author of this week’s reading, Rich but Losing Ground: How Canada’s Position in the World Economy Impacts Jobs, Social Choices, and Life Chances, main argument was although Canada is a rich country compared to most countries in the world; it is slowly starting to show its flaws. Over the past few decades, globalization and neoliberalism has played the biggest role in impacting Canada’s jobs, social choices and life chances. Globalization is the interaction between people of different nationalities achieved through the mobility of goods, services, labour and investment; while neoliberalism is an economic point of view with a set number of policies mainly involving the freedom of the market which is the freedom for capital, goods, and services to move where it is most profitable. Globalization and neoliberalism later were the cause to the mentality of There Is No Alternative (TINA) meaning the economic, political, and social policies that were associated with neoliberalism was the only way to create wealth and increase the standard for living. Although, Canada i
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