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Social Science
SOSC 1510
David Langille

Question 3: Margot Northey, author of this week’s reading Making Sense in the Social Sciences, teaches us how to plan and organize an essay for school. Northey states that there is a difference between primary and secondary material where she explains that primary material is the direct evident meaning “usually books, articles, or research studies or reports”; while secondary material is simply the “commentaries on or analyses of the primary sources”. Northey’s definition of primary and secondary material is very similar to the definition I found after investigating the internet. Auseful source I found on the internet called Library and Archives Canada states that primary sources are seen as building blocks meaning that they are “created at the time of an event” and they are “the first evidence of something happening”. It also states that secondary material are “second hand published accounts” such as history textbooks, biographies, movies, art, etc. Some useful tips for analyzing a subject or topic that I am required to write about is by first asking myself a few questions that will later result in useful answers about the topic. The best way in doing so, is by asking myself the famous six W’s: Who? What? Where? When? Why? And how? This will eventually arouse more useful and thoughtful questions. Advantages of having a hypothesis while writing an essay paper is that it is “useful when you are writing an essay that does not require a specific thesis” and it helps to organize and produce forceful writing when trying to prove a point. In order to develop a good hypo
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