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Social Science
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David Langille

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Austerity conditions characterized by severity sternness or asceticismCanadian Council of Chief Executives The Canadian Council of Chief Executives CCCE is an organization of chief executive officers of roughly 150 major Canadian corporations and leading entrepreneurs The organization was founded in 1976 as the Business Council on National Issues but renamed itself in 2001 The council actively comments on public policy in Canada Member CEOs lead companies that collectively administer 45 trillion Canadian dollars in assets and more than 850 billion CAD in annual revenues and employ more than 14 million men and women The Chief Executive and President of the organization is Its members are responsible for 1most of Canadas privatesector exports investment and trainingCapitalismCapitalist societyan economic and political system in which a countrys trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the stateDiscrimination the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things especially on the grounds of race age or sexDiscouraged workers In other words discouraged workers are unemployed people that were looking for work but have given up It may surprise you that discouraged workers are not counted as unemployed and are excluded when calculating the unemployment rateEmployment Equity Employment Equity is fairness in employment The purpose of anemployment equity program is to ensure that individuals have access to positions at the University and that their qualifications are assessed in relation to the requirements of the positionEquality the state of being equal especially in status rights and opportunitiesEquity the quality of being fair and impartialFlexible Labour Markets The most common definition of labour market flexibility has been the neoliberal definition This entailed the ease of labour market institutions in enabling labour markets to reach a continuous equilibrium determined by the 1
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