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How can we explain racial discrimination in Canada.docx

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1510
David Langille

How can we explain racial discrimination in Canadaany distinction or action whether intentional or not but based on a persons race which has the effect of imposing burdens on an individual or group not imposed on others or which limits access to benefits available to other members of societyBiologically speaking all humans are the same therefore race is a socially constructed difference among people based on characteristics such as accent or manner of speech name clothing diet beliefs and practices leisure preferences places of origin and so forth 1600s Canada colonized by Frenchforced aboriginals to participate in preindustrial labour marketoTraditional economy of aboriginals were destroyed due to industrializationoThe decline in demand for the aboriginalsdecline in wage labour opportunitiesoJob availabilityBut market discriminationthIn 19 century after Canada was industrialized the FrenchCanadian became underrepresente
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