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SOSC 1510 W12- Exam Q 1,4,5

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Social Science
SOSC 1510
David Langille

Krahn Lowe and Hughes Work Industry and Canadian Society Chapter 7only pp 343381 Pupo Glenday and Duffy The Shifting Landscape of Work Chapter 2Canadas Labour Movement in Challenging Times Unions and Their Role in a Changing Economyby Angelo Di Caro Chad Johnston and Jim Stanfordonly pages 3755 1 Why would workers want to join a union Because of Bad Bosses o Job security o Better wages and benefits o Improved working conditions o Fairness human rights equity Unions benefit their member o Union wage premiumearn 10 more o Women benefit even more than men o Union members are more likely to have pension plans more paid vacations and holidays dental and medical plans better job security o Unions reduce income inequality o Unions advance workers economic and political rights and freedomsUnions benefit employero boost productivityo lower employee turnoverreduces hiring and training costs o better communication and cooperation with management Zerosum gameOnes gain is the others lossWinwin Both enjoy mutual gainsA major force for improving the quality of jobs raising wages and promoting equality between men and women younger and older workers and between minoritiesreduce wage inequality increase industrial democracy and often raise productivity give a political voice to many not otherwise heardOrganization that defines promotes and fights for the collective interests and rights of workers or a group of workers esp in relation to employers but also in relation to govts the media and other social groupsA product of the fundamental difference of interests between workers and employersBusiness unionsfocus on the interests of their own members in the workplace Social unionsseek to broaden the labour movement support other workers and seek political changesSocial movement unionismseek more change by mobilizing more people more oftenFreedom of associationallows people to form and join a union of their choice Collective bargainingo wo interferenceprotected by The Charter of Rights and Freedomso Enhances human dignity liberty and autonomy
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