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Social Science
SOSC 1520
David Langille

Question 3: After reading the assigned pages this week from Work, Industry, and Canadian Society, Written by Harvey J. Krahn, I now have a better understanding of labour market segmentation, dual economy, internal labour markets, labour market shelters and barriers to primary labour market entry. Labour market segmentation refers to a number of sub groups that have a very strict crossover capability and the wages fluctuate from one sub group to another. The textbook states that there are two types of labour markets: primary and secondary labour markets. Primary labour market is mainly for those “who have the most ability and initiative and who have made the largest investment in education and training”. Secondary labour market is the type of labour force that is populated with mainly “women, visible minorities, and youth” working the poorest jobs. The chances of moving from secondary labour market to primary labour market are very low. The dual economy model on the other hand, “assumes that an earlier era of competitive th capitalism was succeeded in the 20 century by an age of monopoly capitalism [meaning] a few large and powerful firms came to dominate automobile manufacturing, the oil and mining industries, the transportation sector and the computer industry” etc. Dual economy consists of two types of se
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