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Elizabeth Brule

1EUGENICSSterilization in Alberta Gender matters Jana GrekulEugenics implies state control over the reproduction of those deemed undesirable It is improving a population through controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable characteristics Positive eugenics is the encouragement of favored individuals to have offsprings And negative eugenics prevents certain individuals or groups of people who are considered by the government to be unfit to have children In Alberta it was about power status control deviance class immigration and racial purityBut it was also about gender It is similar to Hitler in German some people were favored and others were sent to concentration camps to be killed Women were sterilized more so than men because there is an ideology of women with reproduction and it would be far worse to sterilize a man The significance is sexualization against women Another ideology present is ableism Those who were not normal with disabilities were considered undesirable and considered by the government to be unfit to have children 2GLOBALIZATIONRoberta HamitonFruits of injusticeDeborah Barndt Is a theory that exa
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