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exam final 2

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Social Science
SOSC 1700
Elizabeth Brule

1FEMINIZATION OF POVERTYPay no More there is a way outIn this course we looked at how poverty is gendered and are mostly female How women experience poverty In the workforce there is discrimination lack of jobs and unequal pay for women Poverty is increasing for women compared to men Poverty is political as mentioned in the movie Pay no More there is a way out There is sexism built in our institutions It brings issues in family law welfare and the lack of day cares for women to use Marital affect on women lives too Women often get married quit their job because husband supports the family and the ideology of motherhood they should be stay home moms But then the husband dies and the mother has no skills for a job but still needs to take care of her kids 2NEOLIBERALISMRoberta HamitonIt is the ideology that talks about the economydictates everything It is the privatization and cutting of social services The economy is number one to make a strong economy you must privatize everything to create aThus competitive marketsocial programs labor unions dont fit There is a notion that if you cant get a job its your own problem This leads to the government doesnt want to make kids programs because people have
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