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SOSC 1700
Elizabeth Brule

1SOCIAL REPRODUCTIONSeder AratKocA Marxist term used to describe the unpaid domestic labor or home work that women do in the traditional patriarchal home Work of reproducing the workforce domestic work in housework such as child care cooking cleaning This is not considered a real profession It is work that everyone in the economy relies upon the unpaid reproductive labor by producing more giving birth and raising them wipe feed teach We need to recognize this labor of love an ideology that justifies the idea of social reproduction If its labor of love ten we dont need to recognize it or pay for it This exploits women and makes the job seem less worthy If women chose not to do this it makes them look like bad mothers We can argue how free are our choices then Because women freely choose to do it 2GLOBALIZED FOOD SYSTEMSFruits of injusticeDeborah Barndt The production of food in one region for consumption in another economic integration means that poorer countries are increasingly dependent upon the export of their agriculture for foreign exchange There is exploitation of the workers because cheaper to get workers elsewhere There is a dependence of underdeveloped countries on developed countries These developed countries hold power exploited food as a result cheaper fruit This has si
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