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Social Science
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SOSC 1700
Elizabeth Brule

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Women in Canada Midterm Study NotesPart 1 Concepts Code Noir Definition Decree passed by France king that defined conditions for slavery black were not allowed to be free or practice any religion other than Roman Catholicism Gave owners power over slaves Significance The Code Noir caused many problems such as in Afua coopers article he mentions how the black women were seen as brute unfeminine and unworthy of protection Many black slaves were treated un fairly and brutally all due to the power the owner gained from the code noir Custom of Paris Definition Civil code in France that states rights of husbands and wives according to property divorce and death of spouseSignificance The custom of Paris helped many widowed spouses take care of their children and economic status As mentioned by Josette Brun the custom of Paris guided the widow with rules of marriage and property The Custom of Paris provided women with relative economic security when their husbands p
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