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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1730
Saeed Hydaralli

Notes for SOSC 1730 Test 1 Wirth Reading: -The city is the locus of urbanism, however, urbanity is not confined to cities -The city is a large, dense and permanent settlement of heterogeneous individuals. -City provides for increased anonymity, superficial and transitory relationships -The city is the centre of economic, political and cultural life -Urban characteristics can be found even in rural settings where there is influence from a city. -a city is home to a diverse population. Because of this there is a degree of separation between inhabitants that is less seen in small towns. People typically are attracted to others that are like them, and in a city of diverse population, citizens likely create distance between themselves and others in the city. Unlike in a rural community that is more homogeneous. -Our acquaintances in city life are often seen as a means to our end (grocery store clerk, bus ticket person) rather than whole people. -Specialization of individuals will only work in a large market, which accentuates the division of labour. -Without social order the city wouldn’t be able to maintain itself. Ie traffic lights -The city can be a lonely place. Even though there is physical closeness, there is emotional and social distance -in cities individuals join organizations reflective of human needs and interests. -Through activities of volunteer groups the urbanite expresses and develops his personality, status etc. -the larger the number of persons in a state of interaction with each other, the lower is the level of communication -by studying urbanity, sociologists may be able to figure out ways to cope with the issues of city living ie poverty, sanitation, housing etc. David 1955: -Development of technology was necessary for settled communities. -Certain innovations facilitated a productive economy in these settlements. -Social organization was required to give incentive for farmers to grow food to support more than just their families. -In western Europe, activities developed from mainly agricultural to handicraft, and factories. Parker: -The city is a settlement where people live off of commerce and trade rather than agriculture. -In addition to trade and commerce, a city must have politics and administration. -City also needed defence because so many cities we
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