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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1800
Shirley Ramsarran

Childhood and society exam answers QUESTION 1. According to Singh (2000) three features of political economy are….. please list, conceptualize (define) and succinctly interconnect these to children/childhood and society, include information from movies, guest speakers and class discussion. Three features of political economy: Materialism, Dialectics, Historical Materialism: When we talk of society, we include not only human beings in relation to one another, but human beings and their ‘material conditions’ (Natural environment and tools)= how much money they have, education etc.. The material conditions and human relations are intrinsically connected. Example(s)- the material conditions of a parent/family plays a large role in the success of a child (the access to and availability of resources)- discuss how these material conditions impact a child’s education and well-being Movie: The Merchants of Cool- a person’s dependence on material goods is developed when they are young and ignorant of the influential forces acting upon their strongest desires (consumerism) Dialectics: (an approach) that has three assumptions; 1 )The system exists as a whole 2) The system is constantly changing 3) The change in the system is caused primarily by the internal factors. i.e the principal source of change is found in the internal contradictions (of the system) Example: Contradicitions within capitalism and child labour Historical: Society is constantly changing, it can only be studied historically; historical specificity (the totality if material conditions and human relations and ideas at a given point of time in a given place) Example: roles of children in the past QUESTION 2.The historical experience of globalization does not permit us to make any optimistic or easy conclusion. It offers no ground for the opinion that the large community must, out of necessity create wide benefits; indeed, there are reasons for thinking that it may instead create opportunities for great danger (Modelski 2). Conceptually and critically analyze this passage in reference to children, childhood, interconnecting to the readings, movies, guest speakers and discussions in tutorials and lectures. interpretation- this passage basically implies that there are many negative effects of globalization (which is the process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardized around the world. Factors that have contributed to globalization include increasingly sophisticated communications and transportation technologies and services, mass migration and the movement of peoples, a level of economic activity that has outgrown national markets through industrial combinations and commercial groupings that cross national frontiers, and international agreements that reduce the cost of doing business in foreign countries. Globalization offers huge potential profits to companies and nations but has been complicated by widely differing expectations, standards of living, cultures and values, and legal systems as well as unexpected global cause-and-effect linkages ) Examples of negative effects of globalization:9/11, child labour, health effects (spreading of diseases/fast food restauruants in other countries) Movie: blood diamond Esther- homelessness and the impact of globalization QUESTION 3 What is the mass media? How is the content produced in the mass media? How is the mass media an agent of child socialization, an agent that constructs children and childhood? Mass media refers to a means of public communication reaching a large audience. Broadcast media- radio, music, film and television Print media- newspaper, book, pamphlets Outdoor media- billboards, Digital media- internet and mobile media C
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