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Sosc 1800 Final Exam Question Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1800
Donald A Burke

1What is orientalism and how does the concept relate to childhood studies Use the definitions put forth by Said and offer a critique Provide at least one example from each of the readings by Nodelman and Cohoon 50 points4 Components of Orientalism i Corporate relates to Cohoon its a way of coming to terms with the orient in westernEuropean experienceIt makes the orient the other ii Academic Relates to Nodelmanit is a mode of scholarly discourse languages communication etcmaterial civilization and cultureiii Historical relates to Marxist Critiquemodern orientalism start of orientalism refers to napoleons invasion of Egypt 1798iv And Stylistic relates to Saidontology whatentomology howit is a style of thought based on words about the orient and occidentOrientalism The Production of OtherOrientalism functions as a kind of discourseSaid Uses Gramascis concept of hegemony to describe how Orientalism worksXenophobiafear of foreigners DEFINTIONS SaidSaids work focuses on the Orient and the OccidentOrientalism thesisis the existence of a subtle and persistent Eurocentric prejudice against AraboIslamic peoples and their culture which derives from Western cultures long tradition of false and romanticized images of Asia in general and the Middle East in particular That such perceptions and the consequent cultural representations have served and continue to serve as implicit justifications for the colonial and imperialist ambitions of the European powers and of the USOccident is his term for the West England France and the United StatesOrient is the term for the romantic and misunderstood Middle East and Far EastThe Middle East and Asia viewed with prejudice and racismThe Orient is the source of its civilizations and languages its cultural contestant and one of the deepest and most recurring images of the OtherPolitical Imperialismthe policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependenciesAnyone who teaches writes about or researches the Orientand this applies whether the person is an anthropologist sociologist historian or philologisteither in its specific or its general aspects is an Orientalist and what he or she says or does is Orientalismensuring Western authority dominance and supremacy over the EastOrientalism functions as a kind of discourseSaid Uses Gramascis concept of hegemony to describe how Orientalism worksXenophobiafear of foreigners POST MODERN CRITIQUE AND MARXIST CRITIQUECRITIQUE The heart of the matter in understanding Orientalism is this power relationship and how the Occident has used and continues to use and understand the Orient on its own termsMarxismSubaltern erasure oriental erased means the orient is neglected They have no voiceoProletariat exploited by the bourgeoisie based on social class similar to how the Orient is exploited by the Occident Occident creates an image of the Orient both of which the Orient and the Occident are manmade through literature scholarship cultural representation and a body of knowledge about the Orient and subjecting it to systematic study became the prototype for taking control of the Orient By taking control of the scholarship the West also took political and economic control By taking control of the scholarship as the Occident the West also took political and economic controloThus the European Western bias Orientalist perspective ensures political imperialism of the Occident over the Orient essentially silencing the Orient as Other through multiple works of literature media etcoSaid makes the claim that the whole of Western European and American scholarship literature and cultural representation and stereotype creates and reinforces prejudice against nonWestern cultures putting them in the classification of Oriental or Others Post Modern James Clifford pushes too far went into orientalism as though Europe has always been there Over implication of east and westFixation on east west you ignore north south etcReductionistsaying west in dif from east comparing America to Europe geography and cultreChildhood Studies RelationChild is viewed as the Other as the Orients are by the West
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