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Social Science
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SOSC 1800
Frank Scherer

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1 Define the terms child and childhood Based on the work of Aries and Warnock Fernea offer a critical account of how children were understood and treated in premodernmedieval times taking into consideration different cultural contexts A answer will take stuff from other parts of the course and not just what is askedchild vs child come out of the first lecturedefinition of child is legal UN definitionchildhood in general definitionfirst reading the person who launched modern childhood study which he said childhood didnt exist in med evil timesVernana trial premodern article third article Islamic culturewhere the ideas are same and where they differ compare and contrastcolonialism in Islamic vs Arasis arguments in medieval2 What is the western historyphilosophy of childhood Provide an overview and give a comparative account of how Locke and Rousseau differed in their opinions Show how their ideas influenced contemporary constructions of childhoodchild is becomingwhat they mean child is property child is blank slate know the time periodsancient post modernThese overlappg38 Locke blank slate Rousseau child has its own world and is corrupted by adulthood what tendency do we have childhood today how childhood should be treated educated and structures etchas to do with earlier discourses in this there discourses of these ideas3 In which way has the field of sociology traditionally viewed children and what is the new sociology of childhood Discuss Corsaros and Matthews ideas on the subject and how these are critical of earlier sociological models
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