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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Article Review and Analysis on Mass Media and Gender Identity in High Performance Canadian Figure SkatingBy Keren McGarryIn Mass Media and Gender Identity in High Performance Canadian Figure Skating McGarry conducted an anthropological field work between 2000 and 2002 among figure skaters journalists sponsors and media Examining the socially constructed roles of figure skaters in promoting a sense of Canadian national identity she particularly highlights the significance of 1 the gendered images of men and women presented in their performance and 2 how these socially constructed ideologies are presented in the interest of nationalism 97Followed by an introduction of McGarrys thesis statement she provides some background information about the history and development of figure skating within the Canadian context In the third section of his article she establishes a link between gender presentation in mass media and figure skating In the end she problematizes this phenomenon by addressing the various negative consequences induced by these social practices 1BACKGROUND figure skating media and Canadian cultureFigure skating ranked after hockey in terms of government funding sponsorship and spectatorship has gained marked popularity since 1940s McGarry 97 With the rise of a number of national icons figure skating has been advertised as a Canadian sport and become a part of Canadians heritage As Skate Canada receives little financial support from the government the job of promoting this sport has landed on the shoulders of various nonstate parties such as sponsors mass media and advertisers McGarry 98 As lucrative as these alliances may look they promote figure skating in a way that appeal to general
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