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Health Exam Essay(layout) Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

READ FOR HEALTH CRISIS EXAMDiscuss the implications of neoliberalism for health from the perspective of the social gradienttheory Be sure to explain the concept of the social gradient in health status in your answerCoburn D Beyond the income inequality hypothesis class neoliberalism and health inequalities Social ScienceMedicine v 58 no 1 January 2004 p 4156 Travers K D The social organization of nutritional inequities Social ScienceMedicine v 43 no 4 August 1996 p 54353 Social determinates of health economic and social conditions under which people live which determine their healthSocial Gradient theory reflects individuals position in society such as their access to resources education employment housingreport that relates to this is by Whitehall and Wilkinson connection of socio and economic status through health in terms of life expectancy morbidity patterns disabilityNeo liberalism politicaleconomic theory that has a set of economic polices that favours ruling of market privatization cut pubic expenditure deregulatingpushes for private then publicParagraph One INCOME INEQUALITY poor less food rich more food resurces rich to be richer and poor to stay poor Australian health care system had spending cutstype of classes you are effectsworking conditions stress cuts in health budjects provitization in healthcareParagraph two AREA EFFECTS THEIR HEALTH area were they live determine their health council districts in movie unnatural causes of sickness and health higher babies diein Louis ville college graduates lived two and a half year longer hen high school graduates no zoning laws to effect food choicesbarley any public transit not a lot of jobs and were if mary were to get a job she will lose her medical coverage
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