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Health in Crisis Mid-term Exam.docx

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Social Science
SOSC 2150
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Health in Crisis Mid-term Test - Social determinants are based on health analysis - social determinants frameworks – economic policies – potentially have positive effects in health - reformed which had positive affect would be increasing the minimum wage – Canada’s current minimum wage is not affordable for living conditions (health, food and shelter) - unemployment/employment insurance programs – was a program significantly cut back in the last two decades – currently, it does not support a family - pensions, disability benefits are subsequent – people with disabilities constitutes one of the lowest income which lead to poverty - middle-class stagnated and shrunk - massive national day care programs were free of charge when in use - nowadays, daycare centres are all charging families – occurred when the war happened but after the war, they began to charge women for child care - 60s and 70s – women and children entered the workforce (i.e. Double Day – juggling full time work and child rearing) - having adequate affordable daycare is an important policy that can assist women’s lives - what kind of socio-recreational areas are available? - do communities have nice cars? If not, why not? - how do we improve pollution from the environment? - we need to shift to make equality to be our central goals - violence goes on in our community – what are we doing to stop this? - significant gender and race within types of violence – i.e. violence against women - equity issues is very important if we’re trying to solve issues in our community - anti-racism and anti-oppression policies should take a stronger approach - health disparities occur based on gender, race and age - central human rights issue and equality central policy making rather than health tax - Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions under which people live which determine their health - Socio-economic Status – class hierarchy classifies your health and income; social status – minority; economic – income situation 1) Argu 1 – Income plays a huge role on health (poor has less healthy food resources/rich has more healthy food options) – lecture 7 - - (1
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