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Social Science
SOSC 2350
Dena Demos

Children Rights Discourse and Power Relations- Foucault - Concept of childhood originates in 18th century liberal thinking from Europe - Foucault links this period with the emergence of a new form of power, which he associated with new forms of controls - The tools that powe is exercised through are the disciplines such as psychology and education - According to Foucault, control starts to be internalized and is exercised through surveillance, rather than force - While old forms of concentrated power are in the hands of a few, new forms of power are more complex and require interactions of all members of society - Old power depended on the idea of public space and space authority (Juridical power) here the new power operates through universal surveillance - Power exercised in this way isn’t public, but it’s tools are - The tools are the disciplines such as psychology and education - The reconceptualization of childhood occurs to that cildren were no
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