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York University
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SOSC 2350

Study Questions SOSC 2350 Professors: Demos & Juric Exam date: Wednesday April 24 , 2013h 7:00p.m. – 10:00p.m. Exam length: 3 hours NO AIDS ALLOWED Format of Exam: Part 1: mandatory essay question: 25 marks Part 2: essay question (choice from 3 questions): 25 marks 1. Isin and Siemiatycki describe how Muslim groups in Toronto have sought to “claim urban citizenship rights spatially” through the building of mosques. What do the authors mean by this, and what do they argue is the significance of these struggles for recognition and new claims of inclusion? In your answer, be sure to address and examine the racialized legal strategies of exclusion that Muslim groups have encountered. 2. Taking the issue of gender rights, to what extent has that struggle been one that has utilized the Charter pragmatically? Make sure to provide a definition of “Charter pragmatism” as identified in our course readings. Discuss the merits and pitfalls of seeking to achieve legal and social change in the judicial arena versus the social or political arena. 3. Modern law is emblematic of Weber’s notion of “rationalization.” How do Canadian and American drug policies conflict with this idea? In your answer, be sure to define Weber’s notion of rationalization. 4. In her article, Backhouse provides an account of efforts to apply oppressive racialized social controls using the Canadian legal system. Using the examples of the “white women’s labour law” and the Yee Clun case, discuss how and to what extent the legal system supported racialization. In answering this question, consider the three branches of government i
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